hy (thahylife) wrote,

acute vertigo, brought on most likely by viral infection of the ear.

translation, wicked bad ear thingy that makes you crazy dizzy and barf violently.

so thats what put me in the ER sun night, till about 430am. most not plur..

i'll spare the details, but want to give thanks to ruben for helping me to the car
and debra for taking me to the ER and keeping the creepy 'oh-you-have-really-nice-veins'
nurse guy off my bod. oh yeah, and kaci for it not being poisoned peanut butter. yah!

i feel much better today. they said as long as the symptoms go away i should be fine.
if they pop back up, then i would need like a head x-ray, to see if i have a brain
tumor. i thought that part was fukking hilarious! i could go all rainman on yo assses,
but shiet i dont remember rainman getting any chicks so that would suck. maybe i could
always fake having one, and pretend it made it me all fuck-bitch-cunt-whore, turrets-like
muthafukker. that would be kool!

anyway, i'm looking forward to getting back into a better mode, and back in the gym and
running. i've just felt incredibly lazy, lethargic, bag of worthless shiet the last few
days. like i said, today is much better, and time to get back on track

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