hy (thahylife) wrote,

how is it almost june already?

so its wednesday, and feels like friday already. not friday as in tomorrow is
saturday either, if you feel me.

anyway, got to float the river last weekend, and it was a scene. not as many crazy
wild ppl out, but had its own elements to enjoy. as in the tsunami that dropped
on us at the end. we managed to ride it out right before everything flooded, and
certain death was to follow. i felt like a nigga on a slave ship i had to paddle
so much.. it took a full night of drinkn n' movies and a complete day of pj's on
the couch to recover. -pfew.

i'm really disappointed wit my workouts lately. cant get into a regular schedule
at the gym, and still havent got back to the weekly miles i was running last summer.
i dont know if its a mental thing or my age is catching up to me. regardless,
excuses are just that, excuses. i feel i may need to alter some of my bad habits
and extracurricular actives to get back where i want to be.

man up, nigga..

ciao, hy
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