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The G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) Retires...

taken from wikipedia..

"Ricky holds the all time record for wins and championships in AMA competition. He has 150 wins, and has never lost an outdoor championship. He is unquestionably the most dominant racer of his generation, and the only significant records he does not hold are Most 250 Supercross Victories and Most 125 National victories which are held by Jeremy McGrath and James Stewart respectively. Carmichael got his 101st motocross event win on July 1, 2007 with a 2 & 1 duel with James Stewart at Red Bud. Ricky retired after winning his last race in AMA toyota motorcross series in millville, Minnesota."

- ricky also is the only rider EVER to have an complete undefeated season in an AMA Pro National event, and he did it twice (2002 and 2005).

- mcgrath was King of motocross before ricky, but ricky is the GOD of two-wheels on dirt. : )

- he's slated to make his NASCAR Busch series debut (YES HES GOING TO STOCK CARS!) in 2008, under the mentoring of Mark Martin.

Anybody thats ever been a motocross fan or watched a race knows how much ricky will be missed. he not only dominated, he SPANKED all the competition. it was never "is ricky going to win today?" it was how far BEHIND 2nd was going to be. he once in an outdoor national wit a mud-bogged course lapped all the way to SECOND PLACE!!! he is the micheal jordan of motocross and the only shame is that more ppl werent there to witness his unbeleiveable skill, speed, and sheer determination to WIN!

the only thing that makes me sadder than him moving on, is thinking ahead to the day when Rossi retires from MotoGP... *sniff* *sniff*
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