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getting back on the road...

after suffering through my punishment at being too drunk and proud to admit my defeat (result = 3 ass whuppins, 3 weeks of bruised ribs, slightly more bruised ego), i finally got in a run yesterday. an easy (i.e. slow) 3-4 miler, of which i was dry-mouthed (read: dehydrated) barely 15 minutes into it. must love it when you lose your conditioning. : )

the only good thing i can take from it, is that the nagging calf-strain i had lingering from my injury last winter seems to be gone. wont know for sure till i can get some more miles on it and start to push it a bit. anyway, it felt good.

now to rant: i fooking HATE mexicans! wait, i dont hate MEXICANS i hate this newfound love affair the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE is having wit mexicans. not only during the sunday night game did they start displaying the bears and cowboys scoreboard IN MEXICAN but then last night on Monday Night Football they are doing MEXICAN ONLY FOOKING LANGUAGE commercials. GO FUCK YOURSELF NFL!

mexico doesnt care about the NFL. they care about soccer, just like all 465451 of the other countries in the world, and we here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA dont! (side note, i actually do like soccer but you wont catch me fighting for it anytime soon) give it the fuck up!

now, my problem wit this #1 is I AM NOT MEXICAN and DO NOT want to watch COMMERCIALS in the first place CERTAINLY NOT IN SOME FUCKING LANGUAGE THAT IS NOT AMERICAN! next, what is there like 3 mutherfucking mexicans in the NFL anyway? so who the fuck are they actually going here for? oh wait is it because the LATINO population is growing the fastest in the USA? oh yeah, so because some MINORITY cannot keep their legs crossed, use birth-control, or better yet just MAKE THAT BITCH SWALLOW IT!!! i have to watch FOOTBALL which is by far the MOST AMERICAN sport we have... in spanish! i know i am not alone in this.

but you know who should be more pissed off than me? Fucking Black People. yeah, thats right. we dont see know damn commercials in fucking zwaheli, or ghetto slang, or what the fuck ever. fuck even the pre-game ritual of ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL has got some honky fucker.. not to mention the NFL would SUCK BALLS without all the GREAT BLACK PLAYERS (i said PLAYERS btw, not just ATHLETES incase you didnt notice the respect there) we have been blessed with. Black People everywhere should be pissed about this. Rev. AL? Jesse? Rosa Parks baby? where the fuck are you guys not jumping all over this sheit!

where the fuck is imus when you need him.

note: i dont blame this on mexicans, cuz i love your brown asses too. i blame it on the NFL for trying to EXPLOIT YOU and thus they are shoving it down my unwilling throat (another hint at birth-control there buddy).

oh, and if this offends anyone i've lived in alabama and seen and fought real racism face to face so dont come at me unless your prepared to really piss me off.

thank you, have a fucking nice day.


self-anointed top asshole,
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