hy (thahylife) wrote,



perhaps the greatest question , singular word, and/or thought of all mankind.

it is the greatest question , behind "is there a god?" in all of humanity. and just like the god question,
there is no answer.

you will never know until you die. or at least then, you will stop asking.

i've often wondered in my life what is wrong with me. I am not normal. I have not only done the wrong thing in my life, I have also made others life worse.

I have no sympathy for ppl like me. you fucked up your life, you fucking deal with it,

I have so much guilt for the life that I lived, that I dont think anyone will ever be able to be close enough to me to help. Im only living now , in the hope that someday my past will catch up to, find me, and want to know why.

I will have no answer.

only an explanation , that I hoped your life was better without me.

my dream ended a long time ago , I hope yours never does.
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