hy (thahylife) wrote,

mama, were meant for the flies

yeah yeah..

so i havent posted lately, being that ive ben working my ass off like a $2 dolla whore.
in and out of town alot, and when i am here its all i can do to try and catch up and
still end up missing ppl. (casce last weekend for example, we can play makeup this weeknd
wit some MotoGP.)

not complaining though, and not about to brag but things have been good.

had this fukkd up dream the other morning. 1 of those, since-you-dont-want-to-listen-to-

precisely, that type of dream. no details needed and if you know me well enough to know
my fatal flaws (its not bitches either) then you know what i am talking about and i dont
need to say anything. thats one mistake i dont want to repeat and a place i never want to
go back to again. the beauty of it all, is that its all up to me. that simple.

nuff of that, its been a good week my out of town trip got moved back a week so ive had
plenty of time wit the gang, and am trying to get back into my workout groove. had some
really good runs this week, the humidity from yesterday caught me of gaurd and had me
wanting to tank it my last mile and a half, but i MANND UP and finished like a champ.
albeit, a sweaty, drenched, whipped champ. :pish:

i cant wait for the summer heat to get here, though i realize my on and off schedule of
running is going to have to sharpen up. but i love running in the heat, and the longer
days - just plur.

otherthanthat, things are moving along and hopefully here soon ill have a few more
goals taken care of, and maybe a few more steps down the road. its been a tough 3
years, and trust me i thank all of you for being there for me.
i know im not the easier friend to have, and i dont show my appreciation very often
and yes im pretty much a dickhead all the time, but fuck it you know you love me. :D
youve been there for me, and you dont even have to ask - anytime you need to bury
a bitch in the desert, i got the shovel - you provide the bitch and its a party!

sometimes, you just got to say FUCK IT

get, hy
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